Friday, December 21, 2007

Ernie's a popular guy!

There's some awesome stuff out there about now-legendary IH Dealer, Portland's own Ernie Bisio, and his dealership, Bisio Motors

The New York Times' WHEELS Blog did a great article on Ernie this year. It's great to see him being appreciated, as he's an asset to the IH Community.

We also came across what appears to be an episode of an auto-restoration program featuring none-other than Mr. Bisio himself.

Thanks to local blogger Pete Best for inspiring this post with his Ode to IH & Bisio Motors over at Metroblogging. We hope he doesn't mind us swiping this great photo ; for any Portland-IH-fan, it's an iconic image. Bisio's sign, driving down NE Sandy Blvd, on another cloudy, rainy day!

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